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About the author

Timothy Morgan is a former Christian pastor who lost his faith after a long string of discouraging events first led him to question God’s goodness, then His existence. He embarked on a sincere journey to shed the baggage of his childhood indoctrination in order to live a God-free life. However, the more he read the greatest atheists, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, etc. the more disillusioned he became with their poor arguments which presented no rational reason to be an intellectually self-fulfilled atheist. The upcoming book Thank God for Atheists: How the Greatest Skeptics Led Me to Faith is the story of how he lost faith and what he found in atheism which led him to conclude faith was the only viable option.

Timothy lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife Megan and their fluffy Samoyed Harrison.  He has hosted open-mic debates on college campuses, published editorials in newspapers, and was as a research assistant on the scholarly book Jesus & The Restoration of Israel.  These days he puts food on the table by flying as a Captain for a major US airline.

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