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Meeting Christian Apologist Lee Strobel

This weekend my buddy, Daniel, and I made the trek over to Jacksonville to hear Lee Strobel speak. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself becoming a Christian apologist.  It simply wasn’t something I aspired to do.  My view on whether I have done a good job of explaining the rational basis for Christianity in my book depends on what day you ask me.  There are days I proof read a chapter for the sixth time (and still catch spelling errors…sigh), consider the content and think, “People are really going to enjoy reading this!”  Other days I wonder if I know what I am writing about.  Thus it was kind of encouraging to hear Strobel’s talk.  I don’t know if I could have delivered it with his eloquence and Panache but the content was exactly what I would have focused on for a one-shot, 45 minute talk about the existence of God.  It was a real encouragement that I have my thumb on the pulse of the big issues in the discussion.

We got to speak with him for about 15 minutes afterwards.  I gave him a few sample chapters which he promised to read.  The poor guy seemed reluctant to agree but I imagine he gets a similar request pretty much every time he speaks in public.  Who knows, perhaps an endorsement from Strobel for my book is in the works.